Select your current text from the menu below to download the Transition Guide created specifically for it. If more than one Bovée & Thill text is a potential replacement for your text, the Transition Guide will offer some advice to help you choose which book is right for your course needs.

If the text you are currently using isn’t listed in the dropdown menu, please contact us with the title and author. We will explore the possibility of developing a transition guide for it.

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After you’ve decided which Bovée & Thill text to use, you’re ready to use the Syllabus Assistant to build a syllabus for your course.

Syllabus Assistant

Start or continue with the Syllabus Assistant (this assumes you know which Bovée & Thill title you want to use).

Lesson Plan Assistant

Use the Lesson Plan Assistant to download lesson plan foundations that you can adapt for your course.


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